perine-, perineo- +

(Greek: space between the scrotum or mons veneris and the anus)

A reference to the capsule of connective tissue that surrounds the kidney.
Relating to the perinephrium.
Surrounding the kidney in whole or part.
Inflammation of the cellular tissue around the kidney.
perinephrium (s), perinephiria (pl)
The connective and fatty tissue that envelops or surrounds a kidney.
perineum (s), perinea (pl)
1. The area between the thighs extending from the coccyx to the pubis and lying below the pelvic diaphragm.
2. The external surface of the central tendon of the perineum, lying between the vulva and the anus in the female and the scrotum and the anus in the male.
Pertaining to or suffering from perineuritis.
Inflammation of the perineurium.
perineurium (s), perineuria (pl)
1. The sheath of connective tissue enclosing a bundle of nerve fibers.
2. An intermediate layer of connective tissue in a peripheral nerve, surrounding each bundle (fasciculus) of nerve fibers.
Plastic surgery of the anus and perineum.
rectoperineal (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the rectum and perineum: While at the gynaecologist's, Meg was told that she had a rectoperineal fistula which was between her vagina and anus.
Relating to the urethra and the perineum.
Relating to the urethra, perineum, and the scrotum.
vaginiperineotomy, paravaginal incision
Incision of the vagina and perineum in order to secure enlargement of the vulvovaginal outlet, and thereby permit easy access to the vagina in cancer operations and, rarely, to facilitate childbirth.
Relating to or involving the vagina and perineum.