palli-, pallio, pallit-

(Latin: mantle, covering; to cloak, to cover)

pallium (PAL ee uhm) (s) (noun), palliums, pallia (pl)
1. A cloak or mantle worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
2. A vestment worn by the pope and conferred by him on archbishops and sometimes on bishops.
3. The cerebral cortex with its adjacent white substance, considered as a cover for the rest of the brain.
repalliation (s) (noun), repalliations (pl)
Cloaking or covering up again.
unpalliable (adjective), more unpalliable, most unpalliable
Incapable of being mitigated or made easier: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's financial situation seemed to be unpalliable due to both of them losing their jobs and not being able to pay their rent!