pago-, pag-, pagan-

(Latin: originally, country area, province; villager; more recent meanings: heathen, atheist; idolatrous, idol worshippers; heretic, heretical)

paganize (PAY guh nighz") (verb), paganizes; paganized; paganizing
1. To make efforts to convert others to paganism.
2. To render heathenish; to convert to paganism.
paganizer (s) (noun), paganizers (pl)
In the 7th century, the recently converted inhabitants of Flanders were warned against participating in the age-old pagan solstice celebrations: Some paganizers in Iceland were shown on TV on June 30 celebrating Midsummer festivities.
unpaganize (verb), unpaganizes; unpaganized; unpaganizing
To convince someone to change from living in heathenism, or as an irreligious person, and to be a believer in one God: There are Christian ministers who are dedicated to unpaganizing people who worship many gods or nature and the Earth instead of the Almighty God.