osteo-, oste-, ost-

(Greek: bone)

acroosteolysis, acro-osteolysis (s) (noun, ), acroosteolyses; acro-osteolyses (pl)
A degeneration of bone tissue, or the softening and destruction of bone, involving the distal phalanges of the fingers and toes: Acroosteolysis, caused by a disease, consists of two patterns of resorption in adults which are diffuse and bandlike.
anti-osteoporosis (s) (noun), anti-osteoporoses (pl)
electrically stimulated osteogenesis
A bone regeneration process in which surgically implanted electrodes convey electric current, particularly at nonunion fracture sites; effective because of the different electrical potentials within bone tissue.

The process is effective because of the different electric potentials within bone tissue. Viable non-stressed bone is electronegative in the metaphysical regions and over a fracture callus and electropositive in the diaphyses and other less active regions.

Electric stimulation of the fractures can accelerate osteogenesis, forming bone more quickly in the area of a surgically inserted negative electrode.

Electrically stimulated osteogenesis can be achieved with a device that stimulates the fracture site electrically by means of several surgically implanted cathodes.

Another method for applying electrical current to fractured bone involves an open surgical procedure and implantation of electrodes.

—This information was compiled from excerpts located in
Mosby's Medical Dictionary; Mosby Elsevier; St. Louis, Missouri; 2009; pages 613-614.
A benign tumor of bone tissue in the medullary cavity (tissue which fills the cavities) of a bone.
A tumor containing bony and fibrous elements.
The grafting of bone from an individual of one species to an individual of another.
The description of the bones of a horse.
Excessive, or abnormal, bone development.
Gangrene of bone.
ossomancy, osteomancy
Divination with bones.
ostealgia, ostalgia, ostalgy (s) (noun), ostalgias (pl)
Pain in a bone or in the bones: There are many reasons for ostealgia and among them are leukaemia, a bone tumor, and a fracture.