(Latin: a suffix of adjectives ending in -ory; of or relating to; like; resembling)

sensory (adjective), more sensory, most sensory
Connected with the reception and transmission of impressions and sending impulses from organs to nerve centers: The medical center conducted a study about sensory stimulations and their effects on the brain.
somatosensory (adjective), more somatosensory, most somatosensory
Relating to bodily reactions that are not associated with the eyes, ears, tongue, and other specialized neuroreceptors, but from the reception of stimuli from the skin or from certain internal organs of the body: Johnson cried out in somatosensory pain after accidentally touching the hot surface of the stove with his finger.
somniatory (adjective), more somniatory, most somniatory
Relating to dreams or dreaming.
statutory (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the laws of a country; permissible: There are legitimate and statutory regulations to protect the workers at firms.
1. Sweating; perspiring.
2. A sweating bath; a vapor bath.
3, A reference to a sudatorium.
thermoexcitory (adjective), more thermoexcitory, most thermoexcitory
Descriptive of stimulating the production of bodily heat.
1. The high curving line or path in which a moving object; such as, a missile travels through the air or space under the action of given forces including thrust, wind, and gravity.
2. The way in which a process or event develops over a period of time representing the long-term behavior of a procedure.
3. The path followed by a seismic wave as during an earthquake.
Having the character of an ultimatum.
unsatisfactory (adjective), more unsatisfactory, most unsatisfactory
A reference to being unacceptable because of not being good enough: JoAnn found herself in an unsatisfactory situation when she couldn't start her car because of a dead battery.
valedictory (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to an oral presentation when making a farewell or when going away: The president of the company gave a moving valedictory speech at her retirement luncheon.
1. Consisting in, or causing, vibration, or oscillation; vibrating; as, a vibratory motion; a vibratory power.
2. Relating to or causing vibrations.
vindicatory (adjective), more vindicatory, most vindicatory
Relating to something; such as, facts or an argument that justifies a belief, a conclusion, or an action: Mike's vindicatory decision to continue with his project was well received by his superiors at the automobile company.
viscerosensory (adjective), more viscerosensory, most viscerosensory
Descriptive of the stimulation of internal organs: The new medical procedure which the doctor used provided a very viscerosensory stimulation of the patient's heart, causing it to beat very fast.
visuosensory (adjective), more visuosensory, most visuosensory
Pertaining to the perception of sight stimuli or discernible impressions with the eyes: The visuosensory actions start in the retinas of the eyes, or the membranes at the back of the eyes, which contain light-reaction rods and cone cells in the outer layers of the retinas which distribute the different colors of light to the brain.

The rest of the visuosensory functions of the eyes are concerned with focusing light, in the right quantities, onto the retinas from which large amounts of data are sent from them via the optic nerves to the brain for analyses.