oro-, oreo-, ore-, oreino-, orein-

(Greek > Latin: mountain; hill)

orograph, oreograph
A machine for use in making topographical maps.

It is operated by being pushed across country, and not only records distances, like the perambulator, but also elevations.

A reference to relief factors (differences in elevation between the highest point and the lowest point of land in a specified region); such as, hills, mountains, plateaux, valleys, and slopes.
orographic cloud
A cloud whose form and extent is determined by the disturbing effects of orography and mountains upon the passing flow of air.

Because these clouds are linked with the form of the terrestrial relief, they generally move very slowly, if at all, although the winds at the same level may be very strong.

orographic precipitation (s) (noun), orographic precipitations (pl)
Precipitation which results from the lifting of moist air over a topographic barrier; such as, a mountain range: "The orographic precipitation may take place at some distance upwind or a short distance downwind, as well as on the barrier itself."

orography, oreography
That branch of physical geography which deals with the formation and features of mountains; the description of mountains. Also, the orographical features of a region.
Referring to the Rocky Mountain region: A genus of American Eocene mammals allied to the horse, but having four toes in front and three behind.
The branch of hydrography that deals with the relation of mountains to drainage and to water sheds.
A reference to an alpine or subalpine forest community or habitat.
Of or pertaining to orology.
Someone who is a specialist or who is versed in orology.
The scientific study of mountains.
Divination by observing mountain shapes, etc.
orometer, orometric
A barometer with a scale that indicates elevation above sea level; including mountains.
orophilic (adjective), more orophilic, most orophilic
Regarding a life form that thrives in mountainous regions: Orophilic organisms can be organisms, especially an insect can be an orophilic creature.
orophilous (adjective), more orophilous, most orophilous
In botany, descriptive of a plant thriving in subalpine, or in mountainous regions: Orophilous orophytes is a group of plants that are well adapted for life in areas below timberline.

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