anti-, ant-

(Greek: against, opposed to, preventive; used as a prefix)

Don't confuse this anti- ("against, preventive") with the anti- which means "before".

antimnemonic (adjective), more antimnemonic, most antimnemonic
A reference to something that is intentionally hard to remember: Features that make a password better tend to give it an antimnemonic characteristic as well, which is good because a password should be memorized by the owner rather than just have it written down so someone else can see it.
antinarcotic (adjective), more antinarcotic, most antinarcotic
A reference to counteracting depression.
antipathetic (an" ti puh THET ik) (adjective), more antipathetic, most antipathetic
A reference to a strong feeling of dislike, aversion, or repugnance against someone or something: Jane's father could not hide his antipathetic attitudes toward her new boyfriend.
Naturally contrary or adverse.
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Relating to being opposite, contrary, having an aversion to, a repugnance of, or a disliking of someone or something.
antipathy (an TIP uh thee) (s) (noun), antipathies (pl)
1. A strong hostility, or opposition, toward someone or something: Mike's aunt felt a strong antipathy towards snakes and she could not tolerate even looking at a picture of one.
2. A person, or something, that causes anger, hostility, strong opposition, or disgust: Karl feels a strong sense of antipathy whenever he reads about street violences in the newspapers.
Aversion or dislike, repugnance.
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Hatred, unable to get along.
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antisepsis (s) (noun), antisepses (pl)
A system that is used to stop the spread of as many germs as possible which can cause infections: An antisepsis is the use of chemicals to destroy germs that are on the body or in a wound.

The sign over the sink in the restaurant cautioned all workers to wash their hands thoroughly as an antisepsis against the spread of disease.

anti-siphon valve
A control valve with a built-in atmospheric vacuum breaker (backflow preventer).