ophio-, ophi-, ophid-, -ophis; -ophidio, -ophidia

(Greek: snake, snakelike, serpent)

Carphophis (s) (noun)
Small North American snakes that are brownish black to glossy black above and pinkish under their bodies: Carphophis serpents have narrow flat heads and feed primarily on earthworms and so they are known as "worm snakes".
Hydrophid (s) (noun), Hydrophids (pl)
Any sea snake of the genus "Hydrophys": The Hydrophids are venomous or poisonous, live by eating fishes, and have a flattened tails for swimming.
Hydrophis (s) (noun), Hydrophiidae (pl)
A subdivision of sea snakes of the family Hydrophiidae: There are at least 47 different species of the Hydrophis serpents throughout the Indian Ocean.
Images of Hydrophis snakes.
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ophic (noun), more ophic, most ophic
Like or pertaining to serpents.
ophicalcite (s) (noun), ophicalcites (pl)
Crystalline limestone or marble spotted with greenish serpentine designs.
Ophicephalidae (pl) (noun)
A family of spiny-finned fish consisting of snakehead mullets: Ophicephalidae are bottom dwelling marine warm water fish with two barbels or slender, whisker-like sensory organs below their mouths.
A fish with barbels.
Resembling the family of spiny-finned fish.
Snake and worm eels.
Resembling snake ells.
ophiciophobia, ophidiophobia, ophiophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An excessive abhorrence of snakes or other reptiles: Jill had ophiciophobia and avoided that part of the zoo with lizards and serpents when her class went there on a field trip.
An order of reptiles consisting of snakes and/or serpents.
1. An alternative name for the Serpentes.
2. Division of reptiles consisting of snakes or other serpents.
ophidian (s) (noun), ophidians (pl)
A reptile belonging to the Ophidie, which is scaly, limbless and elongated; a serpent: Janet had an interest in ophidians as a result of learning about them in her biology class and she even had a terrarium, or a glass container, at home with two garter snakes in it.
A snake or serpent.
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ophidiarium, ophidarium (s) (noun); ophidiaria, ophidariums (pl)
A place where snakes are kept; a snake house: "The local ophidiarium had a large selection of reptiles for people to see."
Poisoning by a snake. Synonym: ophidism.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, with: "snakes or other reptiles": angui-; coluber-; herpeto-; reptil-; sauro-.