(Greek: sell, for sale; by extension, buy, purchase, pay for, invest money into)

Etymology: New Latin from Greek: oni (os), "for sale"; derivative of onos, "price".
oniochalasia (oh nee oh kuh LAY see uh, oh nee oh kuh LAY zuh) (s) (noun), oniochalasias (pl)
The purchasing of objects as a form of mental relaxation: Lorenda had a compulsion to do oniochalasias sometimes even though she didn't need to have all of the items that she was buying; however, it helped to reduce her tensions and made her feel more relaxed and comfortable.
Feeling joy and happiness about shopping.

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oniointernet (s) (OH nee oh IN tuhr net") (noun), oniointernets (pl)
1. Sources where people do online shopping or e-shopping from almost anywhere in the world: There are many oniointernets that are available for obtaining items that a person can buy; for example, almost 7 in 10 US adults make clothing purchase via oniointernets, making this the most common buys of 10 identified categories.

Additional terms for oniointernet buying include: e-web-store, e-shop, e-store, internet shop, web-shop, web-store, online store, online storefront and virtual store.

2. Where financial transactions that take place instead of going directly to the institutions where the money is stored: As a result of oniointernets, some banks are dismissing their clerks because so many people are not going to them for services since it is more convenient to use the oniointernets.
An illustration of oniointernet buying.

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oniomania (OH nee uh may" nee uh, uh nee uh MAY nee uh) (s) (noun), oniomanias (pl)
1. A morbidly exaggerated need or urge to buy beyond the realistic needs of the individual: Monroe's wife obviously has an oniomania because she has been constantly going to so many stores and continually obtaining products that are unnecessary and causing him to return them for refunds as often as possible.
2. A compulsive buying disorder (CBD) or a spending spree: Oniomania is characterized by an obsession with a shopping and buying behavior that causes adverse consequences.

Oniomania is not limited to people who spend beyond their means; it also involves people who spend an abnormal amount of time shopping or who chronically think about buying things but never actually purchase them.

The consequences of oniomania can be devastating with marriages, long-term relationships, and jobs.

The resulting stress caused by oniomanias can lead to physical health and mental problems and ruined relationships, or even suicide.

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A mania for an excessive desire to buy things.

An undisciplined and uncontrollable objective to buy and buy many more things than necessary.
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oniomaniac (oh nee uh MAY nee ak) (s) (noun), oniomaniacs (pl)
1. Someone who has a compulsive and uncontrollable desire to go shopping and to procure as many things as possible: Even though Mike's wife never has the funds to pay for them, she has no control over herself to stop trying to get all kinds of items from various shopping centers.

The characteristics of oniomaniacs and their shopping disorders include:

  • A preoccupation with shopping for unneeded items.
  • Spending a great deal of time doing research on desired items and/or shopping for unneeded items.
  • Financial difficulties because of uncontrolled shopping.
  • Problems at work, school or home because of uncontrolled shopping.

Research has shown that the shopping behaviors of oniomaniacs are often accompanied by depression, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Common articles purchased by an oniomaniac include clothes, shoes, jewelry and household items; such as, containers, dishes, etc., with many oniomaniacs being unable to resist items; especially, when they are on sale.

Most oniomaniacs prefer to shop alone or online rather than having potential embarrassments by shopping with someone else.

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2. Etymology: from Greek onios, "for sale" and mania, "a craze"; from the Greek via Latin, "madness".

The following cartoon helps to understand what an oniomaniac is even though it is referring to oniomania.

Descriptive of excessive buying of products.
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oniorealestate (s) (oh nee oh REE uhl stayt") (noun), oniorealestates (pl)
Buying property that includes the ground and the permanent building that is on it: Mark and his family were dealing with an agent of oniorealestate so they could purchase the right house and area or neighborhood that would be best for all of them to happily live in for many years.
An illustration of oniorealestate buying.

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oniosubscription (s) (oh nee oh suhb SKRIP shuhn) (noun), oniosubscriptions (pl)
An agreement that people make with companies to get publications which are usually paid for in advance: Jack and Mary have several oniosubscriptions that include four magazines and two newspapers.
An illustration of oniointernet buying.

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