omni-, omn-

(Latin: all, every)

omniquadrante hora, omni quadrante hora, omn. quad. hor.
Every quarter of an hour; sometimes a reference to pharmaceutical or medical instructions.
Omnis cognitio fit a sensibus. (Latin proverb)
"All knowledge comes through the senses." -Lucretius
omniscience (s) (noun), omnisciences (pl)
The fact, state, or quality of having infinite knowledge: In literature; especially, as an attribute of the author or a third-person narrator; omnisciences consist of knowing complete information concerning all the events of a narrative, and the private motives, thoughts, etc., of all the characters who are involved.
omniscient (adjective), more omniscient, most omniscient
1. Relating to a deity being all-knowing and having infinite understanding: Our omniscient God is aware of everything that is going on whether it is good or bad.
2. Descriptive of an individual who has extensive perceptions or as much erudition as possible in a certain field or area: Omniscient people are supposedly skilled in everything and take pride in their abilities and infinite mental gifts that are usually suspected of being figments of their imaginations.
3. Etymology: from Latin omnis, “all” + scientia, "knowledge".
A reference to having universal knowledge.
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Relating to knowing everything.
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omnisciently (adverb), more omnisciently, most omnisciently
1. Descriptive of being infinitely wise or regarding a "universal" knowledge, or seeming to know everything.
2. A reference to someone having total knowledge.
3. Etymology: from Latin omnis, "all" + sciens, "knowing".
omniscribent, omniscriptive
Writing on, or about, all subjects.
Belief in all religions.
omnitemporal (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Pertaining to all times: Sad as it is, history has been and is still full of omnitemporal wars between nations.
2. Relating to God's existence at all times; referring to the eternity of the Supreme Being: People go to church to celebrate the Omnitemporal Almighty in songs, prayers and at different religious festivities during the year.
3. Descriptive of general truths in timeless reality: Some omnitemporal statements relate to the fact that water is wet or that snow is white; apparently because this has been confirmed by nature from the beginning of time.
4. Conveying a condition of existing now, and having a past, present, and a future: Creatures of all kinds are omnitemporal species that have lived on Earth and will continue to survive as long as the planet exists.
5. Characteristic of the existence at every moment of time: The sun is said to be an omnitemporal asteroid that has never disappeared from the solar system during the day or night of any year in the past or present.
Omnium autem rerum, ex quibus aliquid acquiritur, nihil est agri cultura melius, nihil uberius, nihil dulcius, nihil homini libero dignius. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Of all the occupations in which gain is secured, none is better than agriculture, none more profitable, none more delightful, none more becoming to a freeman."

This motto, written by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.), is also reproduced in a shorter version in the entrance foyer of the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture: Nihil melius nihil homine libero dignius, quam agricultura.

A humorous word meaning, “capable of swallowing all words”.
Being able to see everything or perceiving all things.
1. Seeing everything or perceiving all things.
2. The name of a company, OmniVision Technologies, Inc.; which is a corporation that designs and develops digital imaging solutions, including providing Apple Inc. with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) which is located in the backside of the iPhone 4's camera.

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