ombro-, ombr-

(Greek: rain, rainstorm; showers of rain; aqueous vapor in the atmosphere; precipitation or falling down from the sky of a form of water; such as, rain, snow, hail, sleet, or mist)

ombratropic (adjective), more ombratropic, most ombratropic
Pertaining to orientation, adaptation, or to the adjustments and responses to rain: Humans, animals, and even plants must take ombratropic action when it rains; especially, during flash floods or other abnormal rain conditions.
ombratropism (s) (noun) (usually not plural)
Responses to and adaptations to rainy conditions.
ombrocleistogamic (adjective), more ombrocleistogamic, most ombrocleistogamic
Relating to flowers that stay closed whenever it is raining and within which self-pollination is occurring.
ombrocleistogamy (noun) (no plural)
Species of plants that have blossoms that are closed when it is raining.
ombrocole (verb), ombrocoles; ombrocoled; ombrocoling: rain
Existing in habitats that have an abundance of rain.
ombrogenous (adjective), more ombrogenous, most ombrogenous
Relating to plants that are able to grow in rainy or wet environments: Various forms of ombrogenous plants that live in habitats which exist because of significant amounts of precipitation rather than just from water in the ground.
ombrograph (s) (noun), ombrographs (pl)
An instrument for measuring the rain that falls; a rain gauge.
ombrographic (adjective), more ombrographic, most ombrographic
A reference to the recordings of the occurrences, quantities, and speeds of rainfall.
ombrography (s) (noun), ombrographies (pl)
A written recording about the various conditions of falling rain.
ombrological (adjective), more ombrological, most ombrological
Descriptive of rain showers or different aspects of precipitations.
ombrologist (s) (noun), ombrologists (pl)
A specialist who analyzes rain conditions and how they affect the environment.
ombrology (s) (noun), ombrologies (pl)
That field of meteorology which deals with the various phases of rain before and during such activities.
ombrometer (s) (noun), ombrometers (pl)
A rain gauge which collects and measures rainfall as expressed in inches or centimeters of depth.
ombrophile (s) (noun), ombrophiles (pl)
Plants and animals that are capable of surviving with a lot of water vapor in the air and on the ground: Various forms of vegetation and zoological species that live in tropical and rainy regions are examples of ombrophiles.
ombrophilic (adjective), more ombrophilic, most ombrophilic
Referring to species that exist where there is a great deal of rain: An ombrophilic organism can thrive in an environment with much rainfall.