ombro-, ombr-

(Greek: rain, rainstorm; showers of rain; aqueous vapor in the atmosphere; precipitation or falling down from the sky of a form of water; such as, rain, snow, hail, sleet, or mist)

ombrophilous (adjective), more ombrophilous, most ombrophilous
Descriptive of plants and animals that thrive in environments where there is an abundance of rain.
ombrophily (s) (noun); ombrophilies (pl)
Various species of animals and plants that can tolerate areas which have prolonged periods of rainfall.
ombrophobe (s) (noun), ombrophobes (pl)
Life that can not tolerate or which finds it very difficult to survive when there are prolonged periods of heavy rainfall in their environments.
ombrophobia (s) (noun), ombrophobias (pl)
An exaggerated anxiety caused by rain: Having ombrophobia and whenever it precipitated while Janet was out, she always went home quickly and stayed inside until the sun came out again because she was terribly afraid of what such weather could cause, for example flooding!
ombrophobic (adjective), more ombrophobic, most ombrophobic
Intolerant of prolonged rain: There are ombrophobic forms of life; especially, those plants that normally grow in dry or desert-like environments and which are not able to exist in abnormal rainy conditions.
ombrophobous (adjective); more ombrophobous, most ombrophobous
Relating to plants that are incapable of withstanding long, continuous rain: There are many ombrophobous shrubs that exist in deserts or dry regions and not in wet areas.
ombrophoby (s) (noun), ombrophobies (pl)
Life forms that find it difficult to exist or survive in prolonged periods of rain.
ombrophore (s) (noun), ombrophores (pl)
An instrument or device that is used to administer a douche (a localized spray directed into a body cavity or onto a body part) of carbonated water.
ombrophyte (s) (noun); ombrophyta, ombrophytes (pl)
Plants that are adapted to rainy conditions or habitats: Usually ombrophytes absorb rainwater by aerial assimilation through specialized structures.
ombrosalgia (s) (noun), ombrosalgias (pl)
Pain felt during rainy weather: Whenever it was raining, Sara's mother would suffer with ombrosalgia or pain in the joints of her body.
ombroscope (s) (noun), ombroscopes (pl)
An electrical or a mechanical device that measures precipitation by means of heated, water-sensitive surfaces: The ombroscope indicates by mechanical or electrical techniques the occurrence of precipitation.

The output of ombroscopes may be arranged to trip alarms or to record on time charts the amounts of rains.

ombrotiphic (ahm" broh TIF ik) (adjective), more ombrotiphic, most ombrotiphic
A reference to temporary pools of water that have formed from melting snow or rain: Max's little boy loves to jump into the ombrotiphic puddles in the backyard before they evaporate into the air or sink into the ground.
ombrotrophic (adjective), more ombrotrophic, most ombrotrophic
1. Relating to organisms which get more nourishment when it rains.
2. Characteristic of the ecology of a bog, or its vegetation, which is dependent on atmospheric moisture for its nutrients.
ombrotrophy (s) (noun), ombrotrophies (pl)
Organisms that obtain nutrients primarily from rainwater.