ante-, ant-

(Latin: before, in front of, prior to, forward; used as a prefix)

Compare this element with anti-, meaning "against". Anti-, with the meaning of "before", is found in very few words, such as: "antipasto" (from Italian) and "anticipate" with its various forms, plus a few scientific terms.

antediluvian (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Characteristic of someone or something that seems to be very old and out of touch with current activities, events, etc.: Alfred appeared very frustrated, saying that his parents had antediluvian ideas regarding their behavior expectations for him.
2. Descriptive of the period of history before the Biblical Flood, including events, individuals, and animals: The ancient patriarchs living in the antediluvian days of antiquity foretold of future catastrophes, such as flooding.
Behind the times or anticuated.
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antedorsal (adjective), more antedorsal, most antedorsal
Situated in front of the dorsal fin of fish.
Before the development of a fever.
1. The forward curvature of an organ or part, so that its top is turned anteriorly; particularly, the normal forward curvature of the uterus.
2. A displacement forward of an organ; especially, the uterus, in such a manner that its axis is bent upon itself.
1. A preface, or the first place to turn when speaking.
2. A term, which stage players use which is a reference to their cue.
antelucan (adjective)
1. Being before light; a word applied to assemblies of Christians, in ancient times of persecution.
2. Held or done before light in the morning: "The couple went for an antelucan walk today."
Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again.
—Johann W. von Goethe

Related before-word units: antero-; anti-; pre-; pro-.