olfacto-, olfact-

(Latin: to smell; pertaining to the sense of smell; scent; to cause to smell at)

From Latin olfactorius, from olfactus, olfacere, "to get the smell of, to sniff"; from olere, "to smell" + facere, "to make, to do".

olfactory epilepsy (s) (noun), olfactory epilepsies (pl)
A sudden disagreeable sensation of smell, or odor, preceding or characterizing an epileptic attack
olfactory esthesioneuroma (s) (noun), olfactory esthesioneuromas (pl)
A slow growth of a malignant tumor in the nerve tissue of the nasal area: Dr. Gibson, the otorhinolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat specialist), was treating Ron for the olfactory esthesioneuroma detected in passages of his nose.
olfactory nerve (s) (noun), olfactory nerves (pl)
Any of the nerves supplying the nasal mucosa: These olfactory nerves consist of delicate bundles of fibers that pass through the bipolar receptor neurons of olfactory mucous membranes.
olfactory neurons (pl) (noun)
Sensory neurons are in the lining of the nose: The olfactory neurons are the only ones that continue to divide and differentiate throughout an organisms life.
olfactory organ (s) (noun), olfactory organs (pl)
The part of the body that is involved in the detection of smells which consist of a group of sensory receptors that respond to air-borne or water-borne chemicals: Vertebrates possess a pair of olfactory organs in the mucous membrane lining the upper part of the nose, which opens to the exterior via the external nostrils.

Chemicals from the environment are dissolved in the mucus secreted by the olfactory organs and is transmitted to the brain by the receptors via the olfactory nerve.

Olfactory organs are found on the antennae in insects and in various positions in other invertebrates.

olfactory region of nasal mucosa, region of olfactory mucosa
The specialized olfactory receptive area that includes the upper one-third of the nasal septum and the lateral wall above the superior concha and is lined with olfactory mucosa.
olfactus (adjective), more olfactus, most olfactus
A reference to or a description of the sense of smell.
olfacty (s) (noun), olfacties (pl)
The unit of smell or the threshold of the point at which the odor is just received.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "smell, odor": arom-; brom-; odor-, odori-; osmo-; osphresio-; ozon-.