oiko-, oik-, oikio-, oico-

(Greek: house, dwelling, home)

The words in this unit are a variant spelling for eco- elements.

An urge to leave home.
Marked by an urge to leave home.
1. The study or science of housekeeping.
2. The science of the home; home economics.
3. The science of homes; especially, with regard to the effect on the health of the occupants.
oikomania, oikiomania, oicomania
1. A mental disorder caused by some kind of wretched or abusive domestic circumstances.
2. An obsessive craving or desire to be at home or a morbid attitude toward the members of one’s family.
The desire to start a family.
Management of the household by a wife or wives.
A parasite fixed to its host; an ectoparasite.