oeno-, oen-, eno-, oino-, oin-

(Greek: wine, fermented grape juice)

enophobia, oenophobia (ee" nah FOH bee uh) (s) (noun); enophobias, oenophobias (pl)
An excessive hatred of wine or a fear of what it might do if one drinks it: Charles had an oenophobia based on his family history and so he never imbibed alcohol in any form, not even in medicinal compounds.

After experiencing her friend becoming an alcoholic, Susan had a horror of consuming such a fermented juice or other alcoholic beverage because of what it could do to a person and refrained from buying or drinking it.

oenanthate, enanthate (ee NAHN thayt) (s) (noun); oenanthates, enanthates (pl)
A colorless to yellowish, oily, water-insoluble liquid that has a fruit like odor, found naturally in the alcohols of cognac and other wines: When oenanthate is synthesized it is primarily used as an artificial flavoring in various alcoholic beverages.
oenanthic, enanthic (ee NAHN thik) (adjective); more oenanthic, more enanthic; most oenanthic, most enanthic
1. Referring to the characteristic fragrance that is typical of the bouquet or scent of the fermented juice of grapes: Specifically, oenanthic wine formally designates a peculiar aroma of old grapevine products.
2. Etymology: from Greek, "the first shoot of the vine, the grapevine blossom".
oenanthin, enanthin (ee NAHN thin) (s) (noun); oenanthins, enanthins (pl)
The "bouquet of wine" or the fine and delicate taste of wines noted for their flavor and high quality: Oenanthins are only found in grapes which are fully developed.
Oeneus (EE nee uhs) (noun) (no plural)
In mythology, a king of Calydon, an ancient city of Greece, who was believed to have been the first man to cultivate grapes in order to make wine: In many villages of Mediterranean countries there are annual celebrations in honor of Oeneus and his contributions to the winemaking industries.
oenological, enological (ee" nuh LAHJ i kuhl) (adjective), more oenological, more enological; most oenological, most enological
Relating to the science and study of the various aspects of wine and winemaking: The oenological diversity of alcoholic grape juice is the result of the locale where it is produced; such as, the climate, soil, and topography of particular vineyard areas and by the techniques that are used by the vintners.
oenologist, enologist (ee NAH luh jist) (s) (noun), oenologists, enologists (pl)
Someone who is a specialist in producing the qualities of different kinds of wines via vinification: An oenologist converts grape juice into wine by means of special fermentation.
oenology, enology (ee NAH luh jee) (s) (noun); oenologies, enologies (pl)
1. The science of viticulture or the cultivation of grapes for making wine: Oenology has developed as indicated from the earliest records kept by ancient civilizations and has developed a number of varieties.
2. The study of various kinds of wines:
  • Natural wines, also called beverage or table wines, come from juice pressed from grapes and that are allowed to ferment naturally perhaps with the addition of controlled amounts of yeast, sugar, or very small amounts of sulfur.
  • Fortified wines have a dosage of alcohol; such as, grape brandy during their vinification resulting in vermouths, sherry, Marsala, Madeira, or port.
  • Sparkling wines, like champagne, go through a double fermentation, the second one taking place in the bottle.
  • Wines are also classified by color when they are red, white, or pink.
—Compiled from information located in
Encyclopaedia Britannica; Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.;
William Benton, Publisher; Chicago; 1968; Volume 23; pages 577-578.
3. Etymology: from Greek oinos, "wine" + -logy, "science of, study of".
The study or knowledge of wines.
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oenomancy (ee nuh MAN see) (s) (noun); oenomancies (pl)
Divination or fortune telling by observing and analyzing patterns made by wine: A few ways to analyze fermented grape juice for oenomancy include:
  • Wine that is spilled on cloth or paper and the resulting stains studied.
  • Observing the sediment in the bottom of a glass or bottle of wine.
  • The examination of the physical characteristics (color, taste, etc.) of wine.
oenomania, enomania (ee nuh MAY nee uh) (s) (noun); oenomanias, enomanias (pl)
An abnormal interest in fermented grape juice either as a collector or as a consumer: Mr. Schmidt, who exhibited severe oenomania, caused his doctor to be greatly concerned because his patient was consuming an abnormal amount of wine each day!
oenomel, enomel (EE nun mel, EN uh mel) (s) (noun); oenomels, enomels (pl)
1. A drink made of wine mixed with honey: When Jim's family went on a long vacation in Europe, they enjoyed drinking some oenomel while visiting the picturesque villages.
2. Something combining strength with sweetness: Pioneer women exhibited a lot of oenomel as they demonstrated their nurturing, loving, and compassionate characteristics.
3. Etymology: from Greek oinomeli, equivalent to oinos, "wine" + meli, "honey".

Also spelled oinomel.

oenometer, enometer (ee NAH mee tuhr) (s) (noun); oenometers, enometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring the percentage of alcohol in wine: When Jonathan Samuel attended courses in the hospitality department at the local university, his final project for his degree was to develop an oenometer to be used by beverage waiters when serving fine drinks to their customers.
oenophil, enophil (EE nuh fil") (s) (noun); oenophils; enophils (pl)
Someone who enjoys wine or who is an expert judge in matters of taste: Many oenophils flocked to the local grape festival.
oenophile, enophile (EE nuh fighl") (s) (noun); oenophiles; enophiles (pl)
1. A special love of, or fondness for wine, including collecting it and drinking it: Ted was an oenophile who had a large cellar with an abundance of bottles of fermented grape juice from around the world.
2. Etymology: from Greek oinos, "wine" + Greek philo, "loving or having a fondness for something or someone".
oenophilia, enophilia (ee" nuh FIL ee uh) (s) (noun); oenophilias, enophilias (pl)
A disciplined devotion to or enjoyment of wine with strict traditions of consumption and appreciation: When planning her wedding, Kitty’s mother adhered to oenophilia and urged the bride and groom to link arms with each other for the champagne toast.