odori-, odor-, odoro-

(Latin: smell, odor)

The measurement of the intensity of odors.
The portion of a molecule that imparts odor to a substance.
A process of adding a distinctive odor, or smell, to natural gas so that its presence can be more easily detected and so prevent a potential explosion.
1. To fill with an odor; to scent.
2. To make odorous or to add a scent to something: "It is much safer to odorize natural gas in order to make gas leaks detectable so people will be aware of such dangerous situations."
Having no smell that is strong enough to be detected, or perceived, by the human nose.
A written description of odors.
1. Emitting a smell or scent; scented, odoriferous; quite often, sweet-smelling; fragrant.
2. Having an odor, a scent, or a fragrance.
odorscope, odoroscope
An instrument devised by Edison for determining or testing an odor.
redolence (s) (noun), redolences (pl)
1. A condition or quality of having a pleasant or a fragrant smell: The flowers that Jill brought home have a redolence which is greatly enjoyed by her and her family.
2. Etymology: from Latin redolentem, "emitting a scent"; from re-, red- ,"back" + olere, "to smell".
A sweetness of smell.
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redolent (adjective), more redolent, most redolent
1. A reference to something having a strong and pleasant or fragrant aroma: The dessert served after dinner was a mixture that was redolent of honey.
2. Descriptive of one thing which is suggestive and reminiscent of another thing: While walking around in the old castle, the couple found the worn draperies, carpets, and the sagging wooden floors quite redolent of the castle's former splendor and grandness.
2. Etymology: from Latin redolentem from redolere, "to emit a scent" from re-, "again, back" + olere, "to give off a smell or odor".
A pleasant fragrance.
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1. A reference to serving to bring to mind or to recall something.
2. Descriptive of having a strong distinctive fragrance.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "smell, odor": arom-; brom-; olfacto-; osmo-; osphresio-; ozon-.