ochlo-, ochl- +

(Greek: mob [people])

enochlophobia, ochlophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal fear of multitudes of people, or of being in places swarming with people, or in populated areas: Some people who suffer from ochlophobia go to a lot of trouble to find less crowded neighborhoods in countrysides or even more isolated places in mountains or forests so they can live as far away from others as possible.

Doug, a shy boy, suffered from enochlophobia and offered his friends excuses for not going to the outdoor rock concert by saying that he was afraid of getting lost, getting a disease from someone in the mass of people, or maybe even being trampled!

An abnormal fear of being in a crowd.
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Having a strong fear of being with or traveling with a bunch of people.
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ochlesis, ochletic
1. A general morbid condition as a result of the crowding together of many people; especially, sick people, under one roof.
2. Any diseased or unhealthy condition due to, or exacerbated by, overcrowding.
ochlocracy (s) (noun), ochlocracies (pl)
A government by the mob: mobocracy; mob rule: In the story Natasha was reading, the multitude of common people decided to take over the dominance of the country and turn it into an ochlocracy.
ochlocratic (adjective), more ochlocratic, most ochlocratic
A description of mob rule or government by the multitude: In the adventure story, the country was governed by an ochlocratic mass of unintelligent people who kept all tourists out and didn't allow anyone to visit their territory.
An intense obsession or desire to be in crowds.
1. Sexual arousal as a result of being in a crowd.
2. The paraphilia (non-mainstream sexual practices) involving sexual attraction to large crowds and gatherings of people.
ochlotheocracy (s) (noun), ochlotheocracies (pl)
The rule of a "mob" or crowd of gods: It was interesting for Meg to find out that ochlotheocracy characteriszed a mass of people incited by a common religious cause, like the formation of the Iranian government of the 1980s.

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