ocelli-, ocell- +

(Latin: "little eye", a diminutive of oculus, "eye"; spotted, dotted; as if with tiny eyes)

Having two ocelli (eye-like spots); such as, a wing, etc.
Referring to an ocellus.
A reference to ocelli.
1. Referring to a spot or marking which is like an eye; eye-like.
2. Having ocelli, or eye-like spots or markings.
ocellated turkey
A brilliantly colored wild turkey of Guatemala and the Yucatan, Agriocharis ocellata, having eye-shaped spots on its tail.
ocellated, ocelliferous
1. A description of an animal with eye-shaped markings.
2. Marked with eye-like spots of color.
3. Resembling an eye.
4. Formed with the figures of little eyes.
1. Eye-like spots or markings; such as, on the tail feathers of a peacock.
2. A situation in which there are eye-like, or ocellate, markings.
3. An eye-spot pattern on the wing of a moth or butterfly, functioning as a means of intimidating predators.
1. A small simple eye, found in many invertebrates, usually consisting of a few sensory cells and a single lens.
2. A marking that resembles an eye, as on the tail feathers of a male peacock; an eye-spot.
1. An eye-like marking (as on the wings of some butterflies); usually, a little spot of color inside a ring of another color.
2. An eye having a single lens.
3. An eye-spot or eye-like color patch.
4. The simple eye found in some insects and other arthropods.
5. An eye-like marking as seen on many insects, on fish, on feathers, etc.

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