(Latin: nine; a number used as a prefix)

1. In the Gregorian calendar (modern calendar of most western countries), the 11th month of the year, lasting 30 days.
2. A code word for the letter "N", used in international radio communications.
3. The ninth month of the Roman calendar from novem, "nine".
A cardinal number (1060) represented in the U.S. by the number "1" followed by 60 zeros, and in Great Britain a number (10114) by "1" followed by 114 zeros.
1. A Roman Catholic devotion consisting of prayers on nine consecutive days.
2. A nine days' private or public devotion in the Catholic Church to obtain special graces.

The octave has more of the festal character; to the novena belongs that of hopeful mourning, of yearning, of prayer.

Done or recurring every ninth year.