nona-, noni-, non-

(Latin: nine)

1. From the Latin meaning the ninth and Nona was referred to as the "Ninth", the Roman goddess of pregnancy. She was called upon (prayed to) by pregnant women in their ninth month when the child.
2. In Roman mythology, she was the youngest of the three Fates, or Parcae, daughter of Jupiter and Justitia; the spinner of the thread of life; the counterpart of Greek Clotho.
nonagenarian, nonagenary
A reference to or designating the age from ninety to ninety-nine years old or one who is in his/her nineties.
A person who is ninety years old, or between ninety and a hundred.
1. A reference to the ninetieth degree or to a nonagesimal.
2. The middle or highest point of the part of the ecliptic which is at any given moment above the horizon.

It is the ninetieth degree of the ecliptic, reckoned from the points in which it is intersected by the horizon.

nonagon, nonagonal; enneagon
A polygon having nine angles and nine sides.
Occurring on the ninth day.
1. A peptide containing nine amino acids.
2. An oligopeptide containing nine amino acid residues; such as, oxytocin.
A woman who is pregnant for the ninth time.
1. The cardinal number equal to 1030.
2. Chiefly British, the cardinal number equal to 1054.
3. Amounting to one nonillion in number.
A woman who has had nine pregnancies which have resulted in viable offspring; written by some medics as para IX.
A sugar with nine carbon atoms.
In music, a vibration interval of the ratio 10:9; a lesser major second.