non- +

(Latin: nothing, not)

There are hundreds of other "non-" prefix words that can be found in dictionaries.

Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis.
Not for you, not for me, but for us.
Non ministrari sed ministrare.
Not to be served, but to serve or Not to be ministered to, but to minister.

Motto of Queens College, Charlotte, North Carolina and Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA.

Non nobis nascimur. (Latin phrase)
We are not born for ourselves.
Non nobis nati.
Born not for ourselves.
Non nobis sed communitati.
Not for ourselves but for the community.
Non nobis sed omnibus.
Not for ourselves but for everyone [all mankind].
Non nobis solum.
Not for ourselves only or Not for ourselves alone.
Non nobis solum nati.
We are not born for ourselves alone.
Non nobis solum sed toti mundo nati. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Not for ourselves only, but for the whole world."
Non nova sed nove. (Latin proverb)
Translation: "Not new things but in a new way."
Non omnia possumus omnes.
We cannot all do everything.

Virgil, in the Aeneid, gives us this way to acknowledge a fact of life: No one can reasonably be expected to become expert in all things.

Non placet.
It does not please; [It is] unpleasing.

1. A formal way of indicating dissent or another way of saying, "Nay."

2. The term used for expressing a negative vote, especially by the governing body of a university.

Non plus ultra.
Until here and not any further.

Based on a German source, Hercules is said to have settled in Cadiz, Spain, where he erected columns as a monument with the inscription: "These are the limit stones of Hercules" with the idea that this was the edge of the world.

Many Germans believe the phrase refers to something that is "the best", "the utmost", or "nothing better".

Non possumus.
We cannot or "No way!"

A term used by the pope to reject a suggestion that there be an innovation in a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. This term may also be used by others to mean that they can not honor a request.

Non progredi est regredi.
Not to progress is to regress.

Motto of the McCook Community College, McCook, Nebraska, USA.