anopheli-, anophel-

(Greek > Latin: mosquito, mosquitoes)

A mosquito is a creature with great depth of feeling that never waits for an opening, but always makes one for herself.

Anopheles (s) (noun)
A genus of mosquitoes (family Culicidae, subfamily Anophelinae) some species of which carry and transmit malaria parasites to humans: "In most species of Anopheles, the female has an angled posture when she is puncturing into the skin."

Many species of Anopheles serve as vectors or carriers of mammalian malaria to humans and other animals."

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anophelicide (s) (noun), anophelicides (pl)
The killing of mosquitoes: "There are many who participate in anophelicides in efforts to fight against the spread of malaria by mosquitoes or simply to keep them from attacking and irritating humans."
anophelifuge (s) (noun), anophelifuges (pl)
An agent that prevents the bite or acts as a repellent of certain kinds of mosquitoes : "The anophelifuge is a special substance that keeps Anopheles mosquitoes away so they won't bite and transmit malaria and other diseases to people."
Anophelinae (pl) (noun)
A subfamily of mosquitoes in the family Culicidae that contains a number of genera: "Anophelinae include the type genus, Anopheles, some 90 species of which can serve as carriers and dispensers of human malaria."
anopheline mosquitoes (adjective)
Of or resembling a species of mosquitoes: "Referring to or belonging to the mosquito subfamily Anophelinae or the genus Anopheles."
Anophelini (s) (noun)
A family of mosquitoes in the subfamily Anophelinae that includes the genera Anopheles, Chagasia, and Bironella.
anopheliphobe (s) (noun), anopheliphobes (pl)
Anyone who has a strong fear or hatred of mosquitoes: "The anopheliphobe has a special fear of malarial mosquitoes."
anopheliphobia (s) (noun), anopheliphobias (pl)
A panic or extreme hatred of mosquitoes: There are people who have a special anopheliphobia regarding those dipterous insects that can spread malaria with their bites or pierce the skin to extract blood.
A mosquito is sucking blood from a victim.

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anophelism (s) (noun), anophelisms (pl)
The infestation or continued presence in a geographic area of certain kinds of mosquitoes: "The term anophelism indicates that certain places on earth are infested with anopheline mosquitoes."