(Latin: derived from aceto- plus the suffix -yl; used in naming chemical radicals)

Derived from or containing acetic acid in chemical nomenclature.

The words in this unit are directly related to the aceto- unit.

acetyl group (s) (noun), acetyl groups (pl)
The univalent group, CH3CO–, derived from acetic acid: The organic acetyl group can also be termed as the acetyl radical.
acetylase (s) (noun), acetylases (pl)
Any enzyme catalyzing acetylation or deacetylation: Acetylase is a complex protein that can form acetyl esters by catalization.
acetylation (s) (noun), acetylations (pl)
The formation of an acetyl derivative: Acetylation is the procedure of putting an acetyl group into a compound.
acetylcholine (s) (noun), acetylcholines (pl)
The acetic ester of choline, the neurotransmitter substance at cholinergic synapses: Acetylcholine can cause cardiac inhibition.
acetylcysteine (s) (noun) (no pl)
A mucolytic agent that reduces the viscosity of mucous secretions: Acetylcysteine is an antioxidant used to treat acetaminophen and paracetamol toxicity.
acetyldigitoxin (s) (noun), acetyldigitoxins (pl)
A category of cardiac glycoside: Acetyldigitoxin is an acetyl derivative and has has the same actions and uses as digitoxin, but a more rapid onset and shorter duration of action.
acetyldigoxin (s) (noun), acetyldigoxins (pl)
A digitalis glycoside, or cardiac glycoside: Acetyldigoxin has properties similar to those of digoxin and it increases or boosts the contractility of the heart.
acetylic (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to, or characteristic of the acetyl group: In organic chemistry the acetylic classification includes a two-carbon organic radical incorporating a methyl and a carbonyl group.
acetylmethadol (s) (noun), acetylmethadols (pl)
An opioid analgesic: Acetylmethadol exists in four different optical isomers that have been tried as a substitute for methadone in certain methadone maintenance programs and in programs where methadone is to be withdrawn, as in physical dependence of the morphine type.
acetyltransferase, transacetylase (s) (noun); acetyltransferases; transacetylases (pl)
Any enzyme transferring acetyl groups from one compound to another: Acetyltransferase and carboxypeptidase G are two enzymes that are important in the organic process of endorphins.