ne-, neo-

(Greek: new, recent, current, young)

neocosmic (adjectice), more neocosmic, most neocosmic
Of or pertaining to the universe in its present state; specifically, referring to the races of people who were known in history as compared to those in modern times.
neocracy (s) (noun), neocracies (pl)
A government run by amateurs: Neocracy can be described as the rule of the upstarts by nonprofessionals.

A neocracy is run by new or inexperienced and untried officials.

The creation of a new opening in the urinary bladder to permit drainage.
Holding new views or beliefs.
A new doctrine or view.
Information is located at Chemical Element: neodymium.
neofetus; neofetal (adjective)
The fetus when it has just been formed at the end of the embryonic period at about the eighth week of human intrauterine development.
Neogaea (s) (noun) (no pl)
A zoogeographical area originally comprising both the Nearctic and Neotropical regions: Now the term Neogaea generally refers to the Neotropical region only.
neogamalgia (s) (noun) (no pl)
Painful coitus of newlyweds: In the very beginning, Patty suffered when having sex with her husband, and after culsulting her doctor, she found out that it was termed neogamalgia and was not uncommon with the female partner.
Someone who is newly, or recently, married.
In zoology, in certain gregarines (minute worm-like sporozoans parasitic on earthworms, crustaceans, insects, etc.), an association occurring prior to the adult stage of the life cycle.
1. The formation of new tissue.
2. The regeneration of tissue.
3. Stimulating the brain to produce new cells.
Characterized by the regeneration or reformation of something; such as, tissue.
Newly formed; said especially of rocks and minerals.
neoglottis, phonatory neoglottis
A hypopharyngeal fistula constructed at the upper end of the trachea after total laryngectomy and serving as a new glottis. 2. A glottis (vocal folds and the opening between them) created by suturing the pharyngeal mucosa over the superior end of the transected trachea (air passage) above the primary tracheostoma (opening into the trachea through the neck) to make a permanent stoma (opening created by a surgeon) in the mucosa (moist lining); done to permit speech after laryngectomy (partial or total removal of the larynx by surgery).

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