nemo-, nem-

(Greek: wooded pasture, glade; grove; woods, forest)

nemocole (verb), nemocoles; nemocoled; nemocoling: woods
Living or dwelling in open woodland.
nemocolous (adjective), more nemocolous, most nemocolous
A reference to living in open woodlands.
nemophilic (adjective)
Descriptive of having a fondness for groves or small woods.
nemophilist (s) (noun), neophilists (pl)
A person who has a special love of groves of trees: Rupert is a confirmed nemophilist and has purchased a farm with a section of birch trees on it so he can wander peacefully among them.
Someone who is fond of iving in forests.
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nemophilous (adjective)
A reference to having a love of forests or groves.
nemophily (s) (noun), nemophilies (pl)
A fondness for groves or trees.
nemoricoline (adjective), more nemoricoline, most nemoricoline
A reference to a tendency of creatures that live among trees.