nemo-, nem-

(Greek: wooded pasture, glade; grove; woods, forest)

nemocole (verb), nemocoles; nemocoled; nemocoling: woods
Living or dwelling in open woodland.
nemocolous (adjective), more nemocolous, most nemocolous
A reference to living in open woodlands.
nemophilic (adjective), more nemophilic, most nemophilic
Descriptive of an individual who has a fondness for groves or small woods: Ted's neighbor certainly was a nemophilic individual who spent all of his free time either going on picnics in the forest or camping for weeks in the woodland area not too far from his home.
nemophilist (s) (noun), neophilists (pl)
A person who has a special love of groves of trees: Rupert is a confirmed nemophilist and has purchased a farm with a section of birch trees on it so he can wander peacefully among them.
Someone who is fond of iving in forests.
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nemophilous (adjective), more nemophilous, most nemophilous
Pertaining to a love of forests or groves: Mr. Pearson had a special nemophilous interest in woodland life and spent many hours walking and observing the wildlife in the woods.
nemophily (s) (noun) (no pl)
A fondness for groves or trees: Mr. Hathaway's wife said that he had a case of nemophily because not only did he do a lot of research on forest life, but also took long walks in the woods every weekend.
nemoricoline (adjective), more nemoricoline, most nemoricoline
A reference to a tendency of creatures that live among trees.