myco-, myc-, myceto-, mycet-, -myces, -mycetous, -mycetic, -mycetous, -mycosis +

(Greek: fungus, fungi; mushroom)

Don't confuse this myco- meaning "fungus, fungi" with another myco- meaning "mucus".

mycorhiza (s), mycorhizae (pl); mycorrhiza, mycorrhizae; root-fungi association
A symbiotic association between the hyphae (microscopic threadlike filaments in fungi that are filled with a layer of protoplasm) of certain fungi and the absorptive organs, typically the roots, of plants.
mycosis (s), myucoses (pl)
1. An inflammatory condition caused by a fungus.
2. A disease or infection of human beings or animals caused by a fungus.
Relating to, or caused by a mycotoxin or any poisonous substance produced by a fungus.
A poisonous substance produced by a fungus.

Mycotoxins may affect foods; such as, peanuts.

A description of a plant that lives in association with a fungus; such as, various orchids in which the fungus lives on the roots.
1. Symbiosis between a fungus and a green plant.
2. The symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a living plant.
Any fungal disease or infection.
Any disease of the eyes or their parts caused by fungus.
A reference to the fungi of the class Oomycetes (class of aquatic fungi, the water molds).
1. Lower fungi that are in many respects similar to algae.
2. A large, important class of parasitic or saprophytic fungi, the algal or algalike fungi.
Fungus infection of the nasal mucous membranes.
Any of a genus of usually unicellular yeasts; such as, a brewer's yeast, that are distinguished by their sparse or absent mycelium (loose network of the delicate filaments that form the body of a fungus) and by their facility in reproducing asexually by budding.
Disease of the mouth resulting from the presence of a fungus.
Terramycin ™
This trade name is an antibiotic that owes its name to the fact that it was isolated from a soil mold.
1. A disease of the hair produced by fungi.
2. Hair disease caused by vegetable organisms.

A cross reference of a word group that is related, directly or indirectly, to: "fungus, fungi": fungi-.