muro-, mur-, muri-

(Latin: mouse, mice)

misomurid (s) (noun); misomurids (pl)
A hater of mice: Tom's father was a misomurid and he would not allow his son to keep a mouse as a pet.
A man hates a mouse and knocks it out of a boy's hand.

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muricidal (adjective), more muricidal, most muricidal
The killing of mice: Sam had a muricidal desire to get rid of all of the mice that were in his basement.
murid (s) (noun), murids (pl)
A member of the family of mice: There are various murids that exist in the world.

Murids generally have very good senses of hearing and smell and they live in a wide range of habitats from forest to grassland, and in mountain ranges.

A number of murids; especially, the gerbils, are adapted to desert conditions and can survive for a long time with a minimal amount of water.

The murids are either herbivores or omnivores; that is, eating plants or a wide variety of foods.

One example of a mouse.
Muridae (noun) (plural form)
1. A family of the order Rodentia containing 250 genera including the two genera Mus (mice) and Rattus (rats): The Muridae are distributed throughout the world in the tropical and subtropical forests and even in the polar regions.

There are about 450 species of Muridae living in different areas of the world some of which may be terrestrial, arboreal (tree), or semiaquatic; and most of them are herbivorous or insectivorous.

2. Etymology: from the Latin mus and muris, "mouse".
muriform (adjective) more muriform, most muriform
Mouse-like or resembling mice: A few muriform creatures include field mice, harvest mice, striped grass mice, house mice, hopping mice, etc.
muriphagous (adjective), more muriphagous, most muriphagous
A reference to eating or subsisting on mice: Cats are not the only muriphagous animals that use mice as a significant source of food; in fact, there are many other creatures that consume them, including coyotes, prairie dogs, some birds, bats, and even rats.
murisperic (adjective), more murisperic, most murisperic
Relating to illnesses or unsanitary filth that is spread by mice: There was a warning about a murisperic disease that was contaminating some people in the community.