mot-, moto-, -motile, -motility, -motorial, -motoric, -motive, -motored; mov-

(Latin: move, motion)

motorphobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
A strong apprehension of automobiles: As a little girl with motorphobia, Susi always seized her father's hand when she heard the faintest sound of a vehicle.
movability (s) (noun), movabilities (pl)
1. The potential of an object that can be transported; portability: The movability of the insect screen was important for taking off during the winter months.
2. The possibility of a calendar date to be altered for a holiday: The movability of Easter is calculated by the phases of the moon!
3. In law, the personal chattel which can be carried: Mr. Smith received some movability through his inheritance, but he wasn't willed any land!
movable (adjective), more movable, most movable
1. Disposed to being lifted, drawn, conveyed, or made to change place: All movable modes of transportation, such as bikes and scooters, were put into a shed.
2. Possible to alter a time or date to another: The banquet is, of course, movable so that it won't coincide with the graduation ceremonies.
movably (adverb), more movably, most movably
1. Pertaining to how an object can be transferred from one place to another: The grand piano can be movably transported from the house to the van by the use of a trolley.
2. Referring to how something can be bended or is flexible: A person's ribs are movably integrated into the vertebrae of an individual's body.

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