mono-, mon-

(Greek: one, alone, single; a number used as a prefix)

Someone who has a fanatical concern when a writer uses the same word more than once in three lines.
monologophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
The fanatical fear of repeating words in written work: The author, Mr. Gregson, affected by monologophobia, was excessively careful that he varied the use of terms and expressions in all of his sentences in his new novel, trying to making it as interesting as possible.
monologue, dialogue
monologue (MAHN uh lawg", MAHN uh lahg") (noun)
A dramatic speech or sketch performed by one actor: Abigail memorized the monologue for her role in the theater production.
dialogue (DIGH uh lawg", DIGH uh lahg") (noun)
A conversation or verbal exchange between two or more people: The dialogue between the two lead characters in the play was fast paced and witty.

The construction of the new play was interesting in that it created a unique balance between each monologue every brilliant dialogue.

A “single-crested lizard” from Middle (or Late) Jurassic North West China. From Greek monos, “one” plus lophos, “crest”; referring to the single crest on the midline of the skull roof of a medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur. Formerly referred to as Jiangjunmiaosaurus. Named by Chinese paleontologist Xijin Zhao and Canadian paleontologist Philip J. Currie in 1994.
monomachy (s) (noun), monomachies (pl)
A single combat or contest between two people; such as, a duel: Betty was engrossed in her book telling about two knights fighting a monomachy and whoever won had the hand of the most beautiful princess of all!
A combat with a sword.
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monomania (s) (noun) (uncountable)
1. A form of insanity shown in a patient's obsessive preoccupation with only one idea or one topic: After the nightmare, June suffered from monomania in which she was totally irrational and afraid of losing her baby.
2. A psychosis marked by the limitation of mental action in a particular topic, as the delusion in paranoia: Because Susan was constantly afraid of losing her job and not able to think or act on anything else, she went to the doctor who diagnosed her as suffering from monomania.
A mental derangement about one idea.
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monomaniac (s) (noun), monomaniacs (pl)
A reference to a patient who has a form of insanity in which he or she is irrational regarding only one subject or a single idea: Being a monomaniac, Fred spent all his money on everything concerned with fitness and spent all of his time training at the gym!
Insane regarding one thing.
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monomaniacal (adjective)
A reference to or a descriptive term for someone who has an intense concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea.
monomaniacally (adverb)
Descriptive of being obsessed with or fixated with one idea or object; either negatively or positively: "She behaves monomaniacally whenever she is told that she will have to leave her apartment; especially, when there is any hint that she will have to move to a nursing home."
A reference to a lake having a single period of free circulation or overturn per year, with consequent disruption of the thermocline; it may be either cold monomictic or warm monomictic.
Melancholia; a condition characterized by severe depression as manifested by loss of pleasure in all activities; including early morning awakening, marked agitation or retardation, severe anorexia with weight loss, and excessive or inappropriate guilt feelings.
1. A description of an organism or species that exists in a single discrete form, as distinct from one that changes form, as a caterpillar does when it becomes a butterfly.
2. Having only one form; that is, unchangeable in form throughout development.