mixo-, mix-, mixti-, -mixis, -mixia, -mixie, -mixy +

(Greek mikso > Latin mixtus: mix, mixed, a mixing, a mingling, an intercourse; to combine or to blend into one mass or substance; to combine things; such as, activities, ideas, styles; to balance and to adjust individual musical performers’ parts to make an overall sound by electronic means)

ACE mixture
A mixture or combination of alcohol, chloroform, and ether; formerly used as an inhalation anesthetic.
A mingling of different things.
Cross fertilization.
amphimixis, amphimict
1. A term used to indicate the fact that both parents contribute to the inheritance of their offspring.
2. True sexual reproduction; the union of male and female gametes; may be either autogamy (inbreeding) or allogamy (outbreeding).
case mix, case-mix
The composition of the practice of a health care provider, program, or organization according to kinds of case, as specified by diagnoses.
crenogenic meromixis
Meromixis (partial circulation, the lower denser layers never mixing with the upper) in which the density contrast between the waters of the monimolimnion (permanently stagnant layer in meromictic lakes, below the chemocline) and the mixolimnion (the upper layer that occasionally mixes in a meromictic lake) is caused by subsurface flows of saline water from springs or seeps.
electromagnetic mixing
1. The process of mixing molten metals or alloys by applying an electromagnetic field to produce eddies (movements in streams of fluids in which the currents double back on themselves causing miniature whirlpools).
2. The mixing of molten alloys by exposing the melt to a strong magnetic field while passing direct electrical current between electrodes at opposite ends of the crucible.

The stirring action results from an interaction of the magnetic field of the current-carrying molten alloy with the external transverse magnetic field.

extemporaneous mixture
A pharmaceutical mixture that is prepared a the time ordered from a prescription, rather than from something previously mixed.
global aphasia, mixed aphasia, total aphasia
1. Total aphasia involving all the functions that go to make up speech and communication.
2. A condition in which all aspects of speech and communication are severely impaired.

At best, patients can understand or speak only a few words or phrases; however, they cannot read or write.

Sexual reproduction in fungi involving the union of nuclei with different genetic constitutions, each from a different fungal thallus.
Sexual reproduction in fungi involving the union of genetically similar nuclei from one thallus.
ion-beam mixing
1. The bombardment of a substance with high-energy ions so as to cause the intermixing of atoms of two different phases in the near-surface region.
2. A process in which bombardment of a solid with a beam of energetic ions causes the intermixing of atoms of two separate phases originally present in the near-surface region.
A partial circulation, the lower denser layers never mixing with the upper layers.
mix (s), mixes (pl) (noun forms)
1. A mixture; especially, of ingredients that have been packaged and sold commercially; such as, a cake mix.
2. A blend of diverse elements; an amalgamation.
3. In electronics, recordings that are produced by combining and adjusting two or more audio tracks or channels.
mix, mixes, mixing, mixed (verb forms)
1. To combine two or more substances so that they become a single substance.
2. To meet or to bring other people into social situations and to talk to them.
3. Combining or blending elements into one mass or mixture.
4. Created or formed by having combined ingredients.