mixo-, mix-, mixti-, -mixis, -mixia, -mixie, -mixy +

(Greek mikso > Latin mixtus: mix, mixed, a mixing, a mingling, an intercourse; to combine or to blend into one mass or substance; to combine things; such as, activities, ideas, styles; to balance and to adjust individual musical performers’ parts to make an overall sound by electronic means)

mixable, mixible
Capable of being combined, mingled, or blended.
A machine used for blending the constituents of concrete, grout, mortar, cement paste, or other mixtures for construction of buildings, etc.
1. Not being purely barbaric by showing some influence of civilized or refined types.
2. Recognizing some working of civilization, or a culture, or art within a society of barbarism.
A reference to estuarine waters (wide mouth of a river that flows into the sea) that contain more than 30 parts per thousand of dissolved salts but less than the concentration of the adjacent seas.
Pairing with several males; a reference to certain fish of which several males accompany each female during spawning (depositing eggs or producing offspring in large numbers).
The coming together of unequal numbers of male and female fish during spawning-time.

The males are usually in excess numbers and several males usually take care of one female for awhile and then they switch over to another female.

A reference to any body of water that contains anywhere from 0.5 to 30 parts per thousand of dissolved salts.
The upper layer that occasionally mixes in a meromictic lake.
mixologist (s), mixologists (pl)
The art or skill of preparing mixed drinks: "This mixologist is so obsessed with the fusions and collisions of flavors and scents that he has converted part of his apartment into an ad hoc chemistry laboratory, a place where he straps on a gas mask and plays with vitals of essential oils."

"A mixologist has helped to create and to ease the morning after a night of drinking with special mixtures of flavors."

1. The study or skill of preparing mixed drinks.
2. Someone who is skilled in making mixed drinks and who serves them; especially, cocktails, at a bar.
A reference to brackish (salty) water containing from 5 to 18 parts per thousand of dissolved salts.
A reference to brackish waters containing from 0.5 to 5 parts per thousand of dissolved salts.
mixoploid, poikiloploid
1. An organism having an unequal number of chromosome sets in adjacent cells or tissues.
2. Referring to an organism containing two or more populations of cells that differ in chromosome number.
mixoploidy, poikiloploidy
A condition of possessing two or more cell lines which differ in chromosome number.
A reference to brackish water containing from 18 to 30 parts per million dissolved salts.