misce-, misc-

(Latin: mix, mingle)

Don't confuse this mis- unit with the following units: mis-, "bad, wrong"; miso-, mis-, "hate, hatred"; miss-, -miss, -mis- "send, throw".

miscellany (s) (noun), miscellanies (pl)
1. A collection of writings on numerous subjects or topics: Grace had a miscellany of her father's newspaper articles that she had collected over the past thirty years.
2. A group of different kinds of things: Ricky had a miscellany of old toys, books, and games which he planned to donate to the local children's charity.
miscibility (s) (noun), miscibilities (pl)
Substances that can be combined or blended together: The primary aspects of miscibilities are that they can be mixed and dissolved in all proportions and that they remain that way after the mixing process stops.
miscible (MIS uh buhl) (adjective), more miscible, most miscible
Capable of being mixed together: The various medicines consisted of miscible proportions of healing elements.
promiscuity (s) (noun), promiscuities (pl)
1. Indulging in casual and indiscriminately intimate relations: Betty had a reputation for her many promiscuities or close personal relationships with men.
2. A mixed and disorderly situation: Sam's mother scolded him for leaving a promiscuity of piled clothing on the floor of his closet instead of hanging them up properly.
promiscuous (adjective), more promiscuous, most promiscuous
1. Having or being involved with many amorous partners: Mollie was accused of being a promiscuous woman because she had so many boyfriends.
2. Involving or including too many things or people: Roberto had a promiscuous desire for all kinds and large amounts of food.
3. Etymology: from Latin pro-, "thoroughly" + miscere, "to mix".
promiscuously (adverb), more promiscuously, most promiscuously
1. Descriptive of being uncontrollable or unrestrained by law or moral principles: Although Erik had five children and a wife, he was promiscuously involved with other women.
2. A reference to putting parts, elements, or things of different kinds together without any order: Karl was promiscuously writing pages for his memoirs which were not organized chronologically nor in sequences and he was including snippets of things that he had done without adequate explanatory information.