migr-, migrat-

(Latin: to remove, to wander; moving; to move away, to depart from one place to another place)

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return migration (s) (noun), return migrations (pl)
A pattern in which certain birds travel great distances from their point of origin, or hatching, to continue their adult lives: The return migration is done in response to seasonal climatic conditions so they can go back to where they came from in order to lay eggs and to rear their young.
transmigrate (verb), transmigrates; transmigrated; transmigrating
1. To pass from one governmental establishment, or jurisdiction, to another for the purpose of residing in it.
2. According to some religions, to pass into another body at or after death; to be born anew in another body after death.
transmigration (s) (noun), transmigrations (pl)
1. The passing of people from one living zone to another for the purpose of having a better life.
2. The moving of the soul into another body after death, according to the opinion of Pythagoras.
3. A form of metempsychosis or rebirth which teaches that at death the soul leaves the body to be reborn in another body as a baby. It is closely associated and often confused with reincarnation.
4. In medicine, movement from one site to another which may entail the crossing of some usually limiting barrier, as in the passage of blood cells through the walls of the vessels.
5. In medicine, a wandering, especially a change of place from one side of the body to the other.
transmigrationism (s) (noun), transmigrationisms (pl)
The belief that the soul passes into another body at death.
transmigratory (adjective), more transmigratory, most transmigratory
A reference to going from one place, or body, to another one.