memor-, memen-

(Latin: memory, remember, thought; retaining and recalling past experiences and information; capacity to store information; ability to recall or to recognize previous experiences; recollection; retention)

electrostatic memory, electrostatic storage (s) (noun); electrostatic memories, electrostatic storages (pl)
1. An instrument in which information is stored as electrostatic charges on a dielectric surface (insulating material or a very poor conductor of electric current, but an efficient supporter of electrostatic fields).
2. A storage in which information is kept as the presence or absence of electrostatic charges at specific spot locations, generally on the screen of a special type of cathode-ray tube known as a storage tube.
3. The storage of changeable information in the form of charged or uncharged areas usually on the screen of a cathode-ray tube.
4. A memory which stores information in the form of the presence or absence of electrostatic charges at specific locations; such as, on the screen of a special cathode-ray tube known as a storage tube or cells of dynamic random-access memories.
Esto memor.
Be mindful.
lapsus memoriae (s) (noun) (no plural)
A defect of the memory, sometimes considered to be a symptom of a mental illness: A lapsus memoriae is an involuntary mistake that is made while writing or speaking.

    In literature, a number of different types of lapsus memoriae are named depending on the mode of correspondence:

  1. lapsus linguae: a slip of the tongue.
  2. lapsus calami: a slip of the pen.
  3. With the variation of lapsus clavis: slip of the typewriter.

  4. lapsus manus: slip of the hand, similar to lapsus calami.
memento (s) (noun); mementos, mementoes
An item or object which is kept as a reminder of something of previous times; such as, an occasion, a place, or a person: Some people have mementos consisting of photographs of events or experiences that have taken place in their lives.
Anything serving as a warning .
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Memento mori.
Remember death.

"Remember that you must die." An object (such as a skull) is usually displayed as a reminder of death.

memento mori
Memento ut diem sabbati sanctifices. Sex diebus operaberis, et facies omnia opera tua. Septimo autem die sabbatum Domini Dei tui est.
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work: but the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God.

As written in the Old Testament of the Bible, Exodus: xx, 8-10 (c. 700 B.C.). Also see Deuteronomy: v, 12.

memoir (MEM wawr) (s) (noun), memoirs (MEM wawrz) (pl)
1. A written diary of the personal experiences or autobiographical revelations of a person: Many people have kept memoirs about their lives.
2. A record of facts about a subject or situation that someone has personally known or investigated: As an anthropologist,Tina wrote an interesting memoir about the Maasai, the African natives who live very primitive lives in Kenya.
3. Etymology: from Anglo-French memorie then Old French memoire, and from Latin memoria, "memory".
A written composition of a person's past life.
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Things worthy of being remembered.

memorable (adjective), more memorable, most memorable
Worthy of being remembered, particularly because of being unusual or special; notable: Alice and Floyd will never forget the memorable day when they got married by the lake during that long summer.
memorably (adverb), more memorably, most memorably
Characterizing how something is never to be forgotten: The memorably impressive reminiscences of Lynn's mother and father will never vanish with time.
memorandum (s) (noun); memoranda, memorandums (pl)
1. A written statement containing significant information about a particular topic that is passed between officials of an organization: It seems that President Trump sends out one memorandum after another during his administration and even before he became President of the U.S.
2. Usage information: Since memorandum is a Latin singular, the normal plural would be memoranda; however, the modern usage is also memorandums and it is also considered to be acceptable.

In other words, there is no problem to say or to write either "The executive of Ben's company wrote three memorada" or "The executive of Ben's company wrote three memoradums."

— Compiled from information located in Family Word Finder, The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; Pleasantville, New York; 1973; page 506.
A short message to communicate an action to be done.
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Etymologically related "forget, forgetfulness" word families: aletho-; letho-; oblivio-.

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