meliss-, melisso-, melitt-, melitto- +

(Greek: honeybee, honeybees; bee, bees)

Derived from honey or beeswax.
melissic acid
A long-chain fatty acid, found in beeswax.
melissophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An uncontrolled apprehension regarding bees or their stings: Melissophobia is a very common phobia and can be caused by being stung, which can be extremely painful and perhaps develop into an allergic reaction.
The treatment of certain ailments with bee venom; also, apiotherapy.
The study of bees.
melittophilous (adjective), more melittophilous, most melittophilous
Pertaining to a form of life that thrives in association with bees: A melittophilous plant is one that spends part of its life cycle in association with bees, for example by pollination.
micromelittophilous (adjective) (not comparablew)
Descriptive of pollination by small bees: Micromelittophilous fertilization by little bees often takes place in urban areas where there are a lot of miniature flowers.
micromelittophily (s) (noun) (no pl)
The process of pollination by small bees: It was interesting for Jenny to learn about micromelittophily because she could observe the little bees buzzing around and fertilizing the tiny flowers on the lawn where she lived in the city with her parents.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, with: "insects, bugs, worms; invertebrates": aphidi-; api-; ascari-; culci-; Dung Beetle Survival; Dung Beetles Important; Eating Worms; entomo-; formic-; Guinea worms; helmintho-; insecto-; Insects: Importance; isopter-; larvi-; lepidopter-; mosquito; Mosquito, other Languages; Mosquitoes, Pt. 1; Mosquitoes, Pt. 2; myrmeco-; scarab; scoleco-; sphec-; taeni-; termit-; vermo-.