meliss-, melisso-, melitt-, melitto- +

(Greek: honeybee, honeybees; bee, bees)

Derived from honey or beeswax.
melissic acid
A long-chain fatty acid, found in beeswax.
melissophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An uncontrolled apprehension regarding bees or their stings: Melissophobia is a very common phobia and can be caused by being stung, which can be extremely painful and perhaps develop into an allergic reaction.
The treatment of certain ailments with bee venom; also, apiotherapy.
The study of bees.
1. Thriving in association with bees; a reference to an organism that spends part of its life cycle in association with bees.
2. Pollinated by bees.
Pollinated by small bees.
A reference to the process of being pollinated by small bees.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, with: "insects, bugs, worms; invertebrates": aphidi-; api-; ascari-; culci-; Dung Beetle Survival; Dung Beetles Important; Eating Worms; entomo-; formic-; Guinea worms; helmintho-; insecto-; Insects: Importance; isopter-; larvi-; lepidopter-; mosquito; Mosquito, other Languages; Mosquitoes, Pt. 1; Mosquitoes, Pt. 2; myrmeco-; scarab; scoleco-; sphec-; taeni-; termit-; vermo-.