melli-, meli-, melit-, melito-, mellit-, mellito-, melo-, -mel, -melic, -melitic

(Greek > Latin: honey)

A liquor or drink made of honey mixed in water. If allowed to ferment, it turns into mead.
Derived from honey or beeswax.
melissic acid
A long-chain fatty acid, found in beeswax.
The study of bees.
mellifluous (adjective), more mellifluous, most mellifluous
1. Referring to something that is pleasant and soothing to listen to and sweet or rich in tone: Shirley made a mellifluous speech with her mellifluous voice at the graduating ceremony of her high school.
2. Etymology: from about 1432, which came from Late Latin mellifluus, "flowing with (or as if with) honey"; from Latin mel, mellis, "honey" + -fluus, "flowing"; from fluere, "to flow".
Words and sounds that render honeyed expressions.
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A verbal presentation that flows smoothly and pleasantly .
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melliphagous, melliphagy
Eating, or feeding upon, honey.
Honey-sucking or sucking honey.
oenomel, enomel (EE nun mel, EN uh mel) (s) (noun); oenomels, enomels (pl)
1. A drink made of wine mixed with honey: When Jim's family went on a long vacation in Europe, they enjoyed drinking some oenomel while visiting the picturesque villages.
2. Something combining strength with sweetness: Pioneer women exhibited a lot of oenomel as they demonstrated their nurturing, loving, and compassionate characteristics.
3. Etymology: from Greek oinomeli, equivalent to oinos, "wine" + meli, "honey".

Also spelled oinomel.