anemo-, anem- +

(Greek: air, wind)

Air travel is wonderful. It allows you to pass motorists at a safe distance.

—E.C. McKenzie
Pertaining to the measurements of wind speeds and directions.
anemometrograph (s) (noun), anemometrographs (pl)
An instrument for measuring and recording the directions and forces of winds; especially during stormy conditions.
The study of measuring and recording the directions, velocities (speeds), and forces of winds; including their vertical components.
Any particular plant of the genus of plants of the buttercup family; especially Anemone quinquefolia, the wood anemone, a delicate plant with deeply cut leaves, popularly known as the "wind flower".
Terrigenous (earth formed) organic and inorganic material transported by wind to the surface of water bodies.
A reference to a genus of plants of the Ranunculus or Crowfoot family; the windflower. Some of the species are cultivated in gardens.
A toxin found in plants of the genus Anemone.
Poisoning by anemonin; symptoms may include blistering and acute gastrointestinal upset.
Wind-flower; a genus of plants of numerous species.

Some of the species are cultivated in gardens, of which their double flowers are among the most elegant ornaments.

anemopathy (s) (noun), anemopathies (pl)
A disease associated with the exposure to high winds.
A plant that is pollinated by wind-carried pollen or spores.
Wind-loving, said of plants that are fertilized only through the action of winds.
The pollination or dispersal of spores or pollen of plants by means of the wind.
1. Dispersed by wind.
2. Applied to plants (flowers, trees, etc.) that are fertilized by pollen conveyed by the wind; pollinated by wind-blown pollen.
anemophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal terror of strong drafts, winds, cyclones, hurricanes, etc.: There are some who are overwhelmed with anemophobia when the weather changes, such as when dark clouds appear, or when they can hear the wind blowing.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "air, wind": aello-; aeolo-; aero-; atmo-; austro-; flat-, flatu-; phys-; pneo-, -pnea; pneumato-; turb-; vent-; zephyro-.