anemo-, anem- +

(Greek: air, wind)

Air travel is wonderful. It allows you to pass motorists at a safe distance.

—E.C. McKenzie
anemious (adjective), more anemious, most anemious
Pertaining to a plant thriving in windy conditions: There are some anebmious shrubs and flowers, like the hawthorn flowers and foliage, that tolerate growing in exposed windy and windswept places.
anemochord (s) (noun), anemochords (pl)
A musical instrument having strings vibrated by air currents; aeolian harp: In her music class, Peggy learned about the anemochord in which the strings were tuned in unison and were heard when breezes in the air moved over them.
anemochore (s) (noun), anemochores (pl)
Dispersal of seeds, fruits, or other plant parts by wind: Anemochore is also specifically applied to a plant that retains its seeds through the winter for wind distribution in the spring.
anemoclast (s) (noun), anemoclasts (pl)
In geology, a rock fragment that has been broken off and rounded by the actions of the wind: Anemoclasts are such rock pieces which form mud, sand, and gravel and have been smoothed and formed into spherical shapes by the wind.
anemoclastic (adjective), more anemoclastic, most anemoclastic
Referring to rocks that have been broken and rounded by wind erosion and wind action: Anemoclatic particles of rocks or single crystals have been created from wind, weathering, and erosion.
anemocracy (s) (noun), anemocracies (pl)
A government controlled by the wind or by political decisions instead of serious research and practical applications: The miserable state of an anemocracy is when people who put their trust in irrational procedures are merely governed by the "windy" impractical arguments of politicians.
anemogram (s) (noun), anemograms (pl)
A prepared printout produced by an anemograph: An anemogram is an automatically-marked record of the velocity and pressure of the wind.
anemograph (s) (noun), anemographs (pl)
An instrument that is designed to produce a permanent record of different aspects of the wind: The historical term anemograph refers to the production of a graphical recording of the speed and sometimes the direction and force of the wind as measured by an anemometer.
anemographic (adjective), more anemographic, most anemographic
A reference to a device that records wind measurements: Jack checked the anemographic results pertaining to the directions and forces of the wind during the last storm that swept through the region.
anemographical (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to a recording anemometer: Thomas learned all about the anemographical apparatus that recorded the directions and forces of the wind in various kinds of weather.
anemography (s) (noun) (no pl)
The system of recording the directions and forces of the wind: An anemograph is the scientific technique of documenting the measurements of the wind.
anemological (adjective), more anemological, most anemological
A reference to to the study of winds: When doing research regarding anemological aspects of the weather, Joe had to read a lot of scientific information about the many different aspects of wind.
anemology (s) (noun) (no pl)
The scientific study and investigation of the movements of air in natural conditions: The government officials invited three specialists in anemology to complete a study relating to the use of wind turbines.
The science and study of winds.
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anemometer (s) (noun), anemometers (pl)
An instrument that measures wind speed; windmeter: An anemometer typically consists of three or four hemispherical cups attached to the ends of arms that radiate from a vertical spindle, so as to be rotated by an air current.
anemometric (noun) (not comparable)
A reference to the study of anemometry: Anemonetric aspects of wind calculations include the measuring and recording of the directions and speeds or forces of winds, including their vertical components.

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