maxillo-, maxill-

(Latin: jaw, upper jawbone)

admaxillary (adjective) (not comparable)
Near or connected to the maxilla or jawbone: Since Chuck was having awful pains in the admaxillary area of his mouth, he went directly to his dentist who examined and diagnosed Chuck's condition.
Surgical excision of half or part of the maxilla (major bone of the upper jaw).
mandibulomaxillary (adjective) (no comparisons)
Referring to the two parts of an insect’s mouth that it uses for biting and the mouth parts of an arthropod.

An arthropod is an invertebrate (no back bone) that has jointed limbs and a segmented body with an exoskeleton or outer skeleton made of a tough semitransparent horny substance; such as, with insects.

maxilla (singular)
maxillae (plural)
maxillofacial (s) (noun), maxillofacials (pl)
The jaws and the face.
zygomaticomaxillary (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the zygoma and the maxilla, the upper jawbone in vertebrates which is fused to the cranium or skull: When Daisy fell from her horse and injured herself badly, she was taken to hospital where the doctors diagnosed her as having a zygomaticomaxillary injury needing immediate surgery.