mastic-, masti-

(Latin: to chew; Greek: to gnash, grind, or rub the upper and lower teeth together)

mastic (s) (noun), mastics (pl)
1. The aromatic resin of the mastic tree, used especially in varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, and condiments and as an astringent.
2. A pastelike cement used in highway construction, especially one made with powdered lime or bricks and tar.
masticable (adjective), more masticable, most masticable
Characteristic of anything which can be chewed before swallowing it: Joan found the piece of meat masticable, although she her jaws hurt after biting and munching on it for a while!
masticate (MAS ti kayt") (verb), masticates; masticated; masticating
1. To chew, grind, or pulverize food inside the mouth using the teeth and jaws until it becomes soft and liquid before letting it go down the throat and into the stomach: Tina told her children that they should masticate their food well before swallowing it and not to just gobble and gulp it down!
2. Etymology: from Latin masticare, from the Greek mastikhan, "to grind the teeth".
To chew by grinding with the teeth.
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mastication (s) (noun), mastications (pl)
1. The process of chewing food in preparation for swallowing and digestion.
2. The act or operation of chewing solid food, breaking it into small pieces, and mixing it with saliva; thus preparing it for deglutition (swallowing), and so making it easier to digest in the stomach.
masticator (s) (noun), masticators (pl)
1. Anyone that chews food in prior to swallowing it in order for it to be digested in the stomach.
2. Something that grinds and kneads (mixes and works into a uniform mass); such as, rubber.
masticatory (s) (noun), masticatories (pl)
A preparation of something that is designed to be chewed; such as, food or tasty gum.
masticatory (adjective), more masticatory, most masticatory
Pertaining to the process of chewing; originally, for medical purposes.
mastiche (s) (noun), mastiches (pl)
Gum or a sticky substance that comes from some trees: The ancient Greeks chewed mastiche from the resin of the mastic trees.