malleo-, malle- +

(Latin: hammer)

electromallet condenser
An electromechanical device formerly used for compacting direct-filling gold; such as, gold foil restorations in prepared tooth cavities.
hallux malleus
1. A deformity in which the end of the toe is bent or curled downward.
2. A condition in which the middle joint of the toe is bent.

The end part of the toe bends down into a claw-like deformity.

It is more often seen as the big toe with the condition that may be congenital or acquired and which may require corrective surgery.

immalleable (adjective), more immalleable, most immalleable
Incapable of being hammered out; unyielding to force; not pliable; not workable or soft: The dough that Jane prepared the day before was dry and immalleable and she was not able to continue making the pie crusts.
Between the malleoli (plural of malleolus, a rounded process, such as the protuberance on either side of the ankle joint).
What we now call "a large enclosed building complex containing shops, restaurants, and other businesses and facilities serving the general public" originally came from Pall-Mall Alley; which was an alley used for a 17th century game where players used a mallet to hit a wooden ball through an iron hoop suspended at the end of a long alley and which later became a fashionable promenade (a place for a leisurely walk or stroll).

To clarify the connection between today's malls and the 1674 mall, we should view the malls we have now as "public walking places" (promenades) with The Mall in St. Jame's Park in London which referred to that alley-game mentioned earlier; that is, pall-mall or literally "ball-mallet".

mall, maul, maul, moll
mall (MAWL, MAL) (noun)
1. An urban shopping center, often enclosed to protect shoppers from the weather: Going to the mall is one of Jane's favorite things to do on Saturday when she can buy the items she needs for the week.
2. A grassy public park, typically for pedestrian use: Shanna strolled down the mall and enjoyed the beauty of the flowering trees.
maul (MAWL) (noun)
A tool used for cutting or chopping lumber: The hired hand on the farm used a mall to split logs for firewood.
maul (MAWL) (verb)
To injure or to handle roughly: There were reports in the newspaper of attempts by bears to maul and physically harm hikers.
moll (MAHL) (noun)
A woman companion of a gunman or gangster: The crook's moll told the police where the gang was hiding.

The gangster's moll decided to go to the mall for the New Year's sales; however, she immediately went back home because she noticed that the mall was packed with so many people and she didn't want anyone to maul her during the excitement of the sales.

malleable (adjective), more malleable, most malleable
1. Pertaining to something that is capable of being shaped by being beaten or by pressure as with certain metals, such as silver: Ancient civilizations found gold to be malleable and often formed it into intricate figures, and even today gold is a very malleable metal and can be molded by pressure.
2. Descriptive of a metal having been beaten out into a thin plate: The antique tray receptacle in the museum appeared to be a piece of malleable silver.
3. Characterizing a person or something that can be influenced, adapted or fashioned to situations or mental challenges: As a teacher, Hans was always amazed at the malleable minds and personalities of his students.

The teachers were striving to develop a malleable plan that would serve to develop the "malleability" of the minds of their pupils.

Easily led or susceptible to charm.
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Easily persuaded  to do something.
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malleate, malleates; malleated, malleating (verbs)
To beat or to shape with a hammer as in metal working; specifically, to beat (metal) thin or flat.
1. Convulsive movements of the hands, as if in the act of hammering.
2. A form of tic, in which the hands twitch in a hammering motion against the thighs.
3. Metal which has been wrought, or shaped, with a hammer; also, marked or dented as with a hammer.
Having the form of a hammer.
Relating to the malleus and the incus in the tympanum.
Relating to one or both malleoli.
malleolus (s), malleoli (pl) (nouns)
A rounded bony prominence; such as, those on either side of the ankle joint.