malaxo-, malax-

(Latin: to soften, softening; to mollify; a kneading movement used in massage; stroking, caressing, love play)

1. Kneading or massaging the skin.
2. Stroking or caressing the skin.
1. To soften, mollify.
2. To rub or knead (a plaster, etc.) to softness.
3. To soften by kneading, rubbing, mixing, or by stirring with some thinner substance; as, especially with drugs in the preparation of plasters and pills.
malaxable (adjective), more malaxable, most malaxable
Able to be softened: The dough was malaxable after adding the butter and the eggs, and it became easier to prepare for making the cookies.
The operation of kneading and working the unbaked clay of which pottery is to be made; softening.
1. To knead to softness; to make soft by mixing or rubbing.
2. To compound into a single mass; to mix up a medicinal preparation, as in the production of pharmaceuticals.
1. Formation of ingredients into a mass for pills and plasters.
2. A kneading process or manipulation during a massage.
3. The action of reducing to a soft mass by kneading or rolling.
4. The act of chewing; mastication.
A machine for grinding, kneading, or stirring into a pasty or doughy mass, as in tempering clay.