macro-, macr-

(Greek: large, great; long [in extent or duration]; enlarged, or elongated, long [in length]; abnormally large)

acromacria (s) (noun) (no pl)
Abnormal length of the fingers; arachnodactyly: The obsolete term acromacria depicts the long and slender hands and fingers, and sometimes the feet and toes of a person, and is a characteristic term for the Marfan syndrome.
An instrument for ascertaining the weight and length of a newborn infant.
Substance of large molecular weight; for example, protein, DNA, etc.
A large male plant.
1. A large male, although the term should properly be megandrous.
2. In botany, having elongated male plants or elements.
A male ant of unusually large size.
macrencephaly, macroencephaly
A congenital anomaly marked by an abnormally large brain.
A worker ant of unusually large size.
1. Of great size; large.
2. Large in scope or extent; large-scale: "a macro analysis of many reports".
macro generation
In computer programming, the production of a sequence of machine instructions by a macroassembler.
macroadenoma (s) (noun), macroadenomas; macroadenomata (pl)
A pituitary adenoma larger than ten mm in diameter: Macoadenomas, arising in the pituitary gland, are tumors that can be divided into three groups: benign adenomas, invasive adenomas, and carcinomas.
macroaesthesia, macroesthesia (noun); macroaesthesias; macroesthesias (pl)
A psychological perception that all objects are larger than their actual size: A child often experiences macroaesthesia, for example, when sitting on the floor and looking up at a parent. The father or mother may seem to be a giant and therefore much larger than he or she really is.
macroanalysis (s), macroanalyses (pl)
1. Chemical analysis which is not on a small or minute scale.
2. Qualitative or quantitative analysis dealing with quantities usually in the amount of grams.
Large rod-shaped bacterium.
In biotechnology, a large round particle often used as the stationary phase in affinity chromatography, when large molecules or whole cells are being separated.

Related "big, large, great" words: grand-; magni-; major-; maxi-; mega-; megalo-.