macro-, macr-

(Greek: large, great; long [in extent or duration]; enlarged, or elongated, long [in length]; abnormally large)

macromastia, hypermastia
Abnormally large breasts.
1. A condition in which there is an unusual enlargement of one or more body limbs.
2. An abnormal size of one or more of the bodily limbs.
macronychia, megalonychia
1. The abnormal length, or thickness, of the fingernails or toenails.
2. A condition of having unusually large nails.
A parasite, such as a louse or an intestinal worm, that is big enough to be visible to the "naked" eye.
The phase of pathology that pertains to the gross (large) anatomical changes in disease.
macropedia (s) (noun), macropedias (pl)
A company that supplies multimedia and interactive television services and digital arts software tools and information is presented in the form of extended articles.
An abnormally large penis.
macrophagous, macrophage, macrophagic, macrophagy
Feeding on relatively large food particles or prey.
An abnormally large penis.
macrophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal dread of having to wait for long periods of time: Suffering from macrophobia, Mrs. Jackson loathed going to see Dr. Smith because she feared she would have to sit for a prolonged amount of time before being able to talk to him about her health issues.
Photography in which objects are reproduced larger than or at their actual size but without the degree of magnification that use of a microscope would give.

Related "big, large, great" words: grand-; magni-; major-; maxi-; mega-; megalo-.