-mach, -machy, -machies, -machia, -machist, -machic, -machical

(Greek: battle, war; fight; contest)

demonomachy (s) (noun), demonomachies (pl)
Fighting with a demon or demons.
duomachy (s) (noun), duomachies (pl)
A fight between two in single combat.
gamomachia (s) (noun), gamomachias (pl)
Conflicts between married couples.
gamomachy (s) (noun), gamomachies (pl)
Fighting between a husband and a wife.
gigantomachia (s) (noun), gigantomachias (pl)
The war of the giants against the gods.
gigantomachize (verb), gigantomachizes; gigantomachized; gigantomachizing
To rise in rebellion like the giants against heaven.
gigantomachy (s) (noun), gigantomachies (pl)
1. A war of giants against other giants or a contest resembling this.
2. War of giants against gods.
3. A war between large contestants, as major powers.
heresimachy (s) (noun), heresimachies (pl)
Active opposition to heresy and heretics.
hieromachia (s) (noun), hieromachias (pl)
A quarrel, or strong arguments, between clerics.
hieromachy (s) (noun), hieromachies (pl)
A dispute between church leaders or a conflict of ecclesiastics.
hippomachia (s) (noun), hippomachias (pl)
A battle while on horseback.
hippomachy (s) (noun), hippomachies (pl)
Fighting on horseback.
hoplomachy (s) (noun), hoplomachies (pl)
Fighting while heavily armoured.
iconomachy (s) (noun), iconomachies (pl)
1. A war against images or idols.
2. Hostility or opposition to images; especially, to their use in connecion with religious worship.
logomachia (s) (noun), logomachias (pl)
1. An argument about the uses and/or meanings of words.
2. A dispute about words; a semantic contention getting away from issues or reality.
3. Fighting about words.
4. A word game.

Related "war, war-like" or "battle" word units: areo-; belli-; milit-.