(Latin: excess, excessive, have to excess; abundant, abundance; grow profusely, profuseness)

Don't confuse this luxur- element with lux, "light", because these elements are not connected to each other.

deluxe (di LUHKS) (adjective), more deluxe, most deluxe
1. That which is of better quality and usually more expensive than the usual items of its kind: Tom and his family stayed at a deluxe hotel when they went to Paris.

The deluxe edition of the book that Mary bought included many more color images.

2. Etymology: from Latin dis, "utterly, completely" + luxuria , "excess, abundance, extravagance".
deluxe binding (di LUHKS bigh ding) (s) (noun), deluxe bindings (pl)
A term originally indicating a book that was bound by hand in leather, the implication being that superior materials and methods were used in preparing the book: The term, deluxe binding, is also used by edition binders or publishers to indicate a book that is covered in a superior grade of cloth or imitation leather.
deluxe edition (di LUHKS i dish" uhn) (s) (noun), deluxe editions (pl)
The publication of a book that is produced on a grade of paper which is superior to that of a standard edition, more-or-less expensively bound, sometimes printed with special type, and often limited in number: There are times when the term deluxe edition is used merely as a selling attraction with little or no special qualities.
luxuriance (luhg ZHOOR ee uhns) (s) (noun), luxuriances (pl)
Having the characteristics of being lush and abundant and a pleasure to the senses: Manfred was told that his daughter has the luxuriance of very beautiful hair.
luxuriant (luhg ZHOOR ee uhnt, luhk SHOOR ee uhnt) (adjective), more luxuriant, most luxuriant
1. Describing something that has an appealingly rich quality: Diane's dress had the most luxuriant colors.
2. Characterising something that has heavy and thick growth: Shirley had luxuriant blond hair hanging down to her shoulders.
3. A reference to a substance which grows in great abundance; relating to a material which is lush or rich: Max had the most luxuriant beard of all the men who were in the competition of those who had whiskers.
Showing excessive growth.
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Modern style beards.
Source is unknown.
luxuriate (luhg ZOOR ee ate, luhk SHOOR ee ate) (verb), luxuriates; luxuriated; luxuriating
1. To enjoy being in a very pleasant, comfortable, or relaxing situation or place: Ricky and his wife were luxuriating on the cruise ship from California to Mexico.
2. To enjoy something in a self-indulgent way and taking great pleasure from the comfort that something offers: Lloyd was relaxing and luxuriating in a nice warm bath.
3. Etymology: from Latin luxuriatum the past participle form of luxuriare, "to indulge, to have to excess", from luxuria, "excess".
Showing excessive growth.
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luxurious (luhg ZHOOR ee uhs, luhk SHOOR ee uhs) (adjective), more luxurious, most luxurious
1. Characteristic of being very comfortable, expensive, and richly appealing: Gordon purchased a luxurious apartment to live in after his retirement.
2. A reference to feeling or showing a desire for expensive things: Jerome and Sally went to a store that appeals to the luxurious tastes of the rich.
luxuriously (luhg ZHOOR ee uhs lee, luhk SHOOR ee uhs lee) (adverb), more luxuriously, most luxuriously
1. Relating to something that has very high-quality expensive furnishings or fabrics: Bill and his brother went to visit friends who live in a luxuriously furnished apartment.
2. A reference to desiring sumptuous living conditions: The hotel appealed to Barry and Dana for their honeymoon because it had luxuriously comfortable surroundings.
luxuriousness (luhg ZHOOR ee uhs ness, luhg SHOOR ee uhs ness) (s) (noun), luxuriousnesses (pl)
Something that is helpful or welcome and which is not normally or always available: It's nice to be able to have the luxuriousness of a first-class seat when flying from one country to another one.
luxury (LUHG zhuh ree, LUHK shuh ree) (s) (noun), luxuries (pl)
1. A situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth: The Rockefeller family has been living in luxury for generations.
2. Something which is expensive and not necessary: Carmelo and her husband spent a fortune on fine wines, expensive food, servants, and other luxuries during the years of their marriage.
3. Etymology: from Latin luxuria, "excess, extravagance, redundancy, magnificence".
luxury (adjective), more luxury, most luxury
A description of something that is expensive and very special: Jerry had earned enough money over the years to buy himself a luxury car to have at his luxury home near Hollywood, California.
luxury gene (s) (noun), luxury genes (pl)
In genetics, a hereditary unit consisting of a sequence of DNA which codes for a specialized function: Luxury genes are sometimes synthesized; usually, in large amounts, in particular cell types.