lugubri-, lugubr-

(Latin: pertaining to mourning, mournful, painful; lament, bewail)

lugubriosity (s) (noun), lugubriosities (pl)
Mournfulness and despair: The underlying idea of lugubriosity seems to be of breaking down emotionally.
lugubrious (adjective), more lugubrious, most lugubrious
A reference to being very sad or overly mournful: Jim's dog was outside last night making lugubrious howls until he was allowed to come back into the house.
Conveying an expression of grief or sorrow.
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An indication of great sadness.
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Pertaining to excessive grief.
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Relating to an exaggerated or ridiculous apology.
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lugubriously (adverb), more lugubriously, most lugubriously
Pertaining to being mournful; especially, to an exaggerated degree: Jacob was a comic who was known for lugubriously acting with sadness and sorrow.
lugubriousness (s) (noun) (no plural))
An excessive sadness, grief, and regret: Billy expressed a lot of lugubriousness when he was told by his mother that he couldn't go to the movie.