lopho-, loph-, lophio-, lophi-

(Greek: ridge; crest, tuft; by extension, hill top)

lophodont (adjective)
Teeth that have elongated ridges called lophs that run between cusps: "The molars and premolars of tapir (Tapiridae), manatees (Trichechidae), and many rodents have lophodont teeth."
lophophile (s) (noun), lophophiles (pl)
Regarding an organism that thrives on hill tops: Lophophiles can be shrubs and alpine flowers that grow well on the top of mountains.
lophophilia (s) (noun) (no pl)
In biology, the existence of life dwelling and thriving in hills: Mr. Plant told his students that lophophilia involved the growth of organisms on slopes and mountains, like grasses and lichens.
A hill-top plant.
Having two or more flagella at one or both ends; said of a bacterial cell.