long-, longi-

(Latin: long)

Long duration or continuance.
1. To lengthen or to extend in duration or space: "The doctor wanted to prolong the treatment of the patient."
2. To lengthen in time; to cause to be or to last longer: "We prolonged our stay at the seashore."
3. Etymology: from Old French prolonguer (13th century); from Late Latin prolongare, "to prolong, to extend"; from Latin pro-, "forth" plus longus, "long".
prolongable (adjective), more prolongable, most prolongable
Capable of being extended or lengthened in time: A good and satisfactory life is prolongable if much care is taken.
1. The consequence of being lengthened in duration.
2. The amount or degree or range to which something extends.
3. A prolonged or extended form.
4. To lengthen in extent, scope, or range.
5. An added part.
1. Someone who or that which prolongs, or lengthens, in time or space.
2. Anyone, or anything, that lengthens or protracts.
purloin (verb), purloins; purloined; purloining
1. To steal or, in other words, to take something that belongs to another person: Roy's neighbor was caught purloining a bottle of wine at the local store.
2. Etymology: from purloinen, "remove, make distant, misappropriated"; borrowed through Anglo-French purloigner, purloiner, "remove" and directly from Old French porloigner, "put off"; from pur-, "forth"; from Latin pro-, "for, forth" + Old French loing, loin, "far"; from Latin longe which is from longus, "long".
Stealing or committing theft.
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To take away wrongfully.
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Committing a theft.
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purloined (adjective)
A reference to taking something dishonestly: "Bruce was using a purloined pen from his company's office to write notes at home."

"Adam had a purloined book from the library in his book case."

purloiner (s) (noun), purloiners (pl)
Someone who takes something that belongs to another person, from a store, etc.: Jillian's sister was accused of being a purloiner of books from the local book store.

A purloiner was caught trying to steal a lamp shade which she used as a hat and pretended not to know what lamp shade the police officer was talking about.

Vita brevis, longa ars.
Life is short, art is long.

It is also often quoted as Ars longa, vita brevis.